“One Servant One Messenger” Exhibition

“Hz. Mevlana and Women” Women and Sufism II Symposium
6 May 2007
3rd “Friend” Awards for Service to Islam
31 March 2007

1436th anniversary of his birth. On the occasion of its anniversary, the exhibition 'ONE KUL, ONE RESURL' was opened at the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Artsbetween April 1-15, 2007 with the initiatives of TÜRKKAD Istanbul Branch, contributions of AİLEM Association and the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The exhibition, whose theme was determined by Prof. Dr. Mahmut Erol Kılıç, President of the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, was prepared under the artistic direction of the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts.

Hz. In addition to the personal belongings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), items of spiritual value such as the Kaaba key and the Kaaba broom, as well as priceless works of religious sciences, literature and calligraphy have been brought together for the first time in a single exhibition.

Hz. Muhammad's (s.a.s.) personal belongings such as his shirt, his nâlin-i saâdet (a kind of sandals), his beard, and his greatest trust, the Holy Qur'ans 8-19. The most spectacular examples from the century are those of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). From the hadiths of Muhammad (pbuh) or the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The calligraphy plates written by the Ottoman Sultans, which are based on Qur'anic verses related to Muhammad (pbuh), and the hadith commentaries written by Muslimî, Tahavî, Bukhârî and Tirmidhî, which have not been exhibited until today. century examples, Delâil-i Hayrats, Hz. Naats written for the Prophet, Mîrâjiyeler, Hz. Manuscripts describing the Prophet's genealogy, life and mîrâj, manuscripts on the history of the world and the prophets such as Zübdet'üt Tevârih, miniatures of Kaaba and Medina, Kaaba covers, Kaaba keys, Kaaba brooms, ferâşet certificates, Ravza-i Mutahhara covers, Medina soil, realms and talismanic shirts are just some of the sacred relics and artifacts selected from museum collections and included in the exhibition.

A significant portion of the works in the exhibition consisted of works preserved in museums but not exhibited. It is aimed to bring these sacred relics and artifacts together with their lovers through the 'One Servant, One Messenger' exhibition during the Holy Birth week.

The 'One Servant, One Messenger' exhibition was the first major exhibition of its kind, with approximately 120 artifacts selected from the collections of the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, the Topkapı Palace Museum, the Konya Museum, the Directorate of the Museum of Tombs in Istanbul, the Süleymaniye Library and the Istanbul Hırka-i Şerif Mosque Service Foundation.

Date: April 01-15, 2007
Location: Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art