“Hz. Mevlana and Women” Women and Sufism II Symposium

“Architectural Journey of Water” Exhibition
15 March 2008
“One Servant One Messenger” Exhibition
1 April 2007

An international symposium on"Mevlana and Women" was organized on May 6, 2007 with the joint initiatives of the International Mevlana Foundation, Ailem Association and TÜRKKAD Istanbul Branch.

In the international symposium organized with the contributions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Mevlana's and Islam's view of women was evaluated.

The opening speech of the symposium was made by Prof. Dr. Ümit Meriç, Honorary President of Ailem Association. President of the International Mevlana Foundation and President of Hz. The symposium started with a speech by Esin Bayru Çelebi, one of Mevlana's granddaughters, on the subject of "Women can change the world as educators".

The symposium was organized by Carl Ernst "Women in Rûmî and Sufism", Omid Safi "An Uncreated Ray of Allah's Light: Harmony between Men and Women in the Order of Prophet Muhammad", Sachiko Murata "Cosmic Family" and Camille Helminski "Wherever You Turn, God's Vechi is There".

Prof. Dr. Emine Yeniterzi from Selçuk University gave a speech titled "Mevlânâ's Evaluation of Men and Women and His View of Human Being", Cemâlnur Sargut, President of TÜRKKAD Istanbul Branch, gave a speech titled "The Manifestation of Love in Women", Mevlânâ researcher Nur Artıran gave a speech titled "The Place of Women in Mevlevî Manners" and Prof. Dr. Mahmud Erol Kılıç from Marmara University gave a speech titled "The Place of Opposites in Hz. Mevlânâ".

Dr. Ayşenur Kurtoğlu gave the closing speech at the symposium and the painter Mine Tamay's painting Hz. The painting exhibition on Mevlana met with art lovers.

The symposium ended with the movie "Listen", which explained the meaning of semaan.

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