Turkish Women's Cultural Association Istanbul Branch (TÜRKKAD Istanbul)

Higher Education Scholarship Regulation

Purpose and Scope

Article 1 - The purpose of this Regulation is to regulate the procedures and principles of higher education scholarships granted by the Turkish Women's Cultural Association Istanbul Branch (TÜRKKAD Istanbul) to successful and needy university students. This Regulation covers the application for higher education scholarships provided by TÜRKKAD Istanbul, the principles to be followed in determining those who are entitled to the scholarship, the regulations regarding the continuation and termination of the scholarship, and the documents that scholarship recipients must provide.

Scholarship Application

Article 2 - Those who wish to apply for scholarships must be enrolled as a student in one of the higher education institutions or be eligible to enter a higher education institution.

Article 3 - Scholarship applications are made every August via TÜRKKAD Istanbul's website.

Identification of Scholarship Recipients

Article 4 - After the scholarship applications are completed, TÜRKKAD Istanbul Scholarship Commission evaluates the applications and determines those who are entitled to receive a scholarship, giving priority to successful candidates with limited financial means.

Article 5 - Those who are entitled to receive scholarships are announced on the date announced on the website of TÜRKKAD Istanbul.

Article 6 - Those who are entitled to receive a scholarship must complete the following documents and send them to TÜRKKAD Istanbul by mail or deliver them by hand:

a) Photocopy of identity card

b) Student certificate

c) Information on the bank account opened in his name in a bank designated by TÜRKKAD Istanbul (account no, IBAN no)

Scholarship Payment

Article 7 - The scholarship payment is made to the bank account notified by the scholarship recipient for 10 months between October and July during an academic year. Scholars with missing documents will not be paid.

Scholarship Amount

Article 8 - TÜRKKAD Istanbul Scholarship Commission determines the amount of scholarship to be paid monthly per scholar at the beginning of each academic year. The Scholarship Committee may decide to pay some scholars more or less than the monthly stipend amount or to make payments other than routine payments.

Continuation and Termination of Scholarship

Article 9 - In order for the scholarship to continue, the overall arithmetic grade point average must be at least 2.20 out of 4 and at least 60 out of 100.

Article 10 - The scholarship will continue to be paid for the duration of the normal education period (e.g. 6 years for the Faculty of Medicine, 4 years for the Faculty of Letters, etc.) as long as the conditions related to the general arithmetic average specified in Article 9 are fulfilled. This includes preparation.

Article 11 - At the beginning of each academic year, the scholarship recipient must certify that he/she continues to be a student by sending his/her transcript together with the student certificate for the new academic year after registering for classes. The scholarship starts to be paid on the first scholarship payment date after the documents are received by TÜRKKAD Istanbul. No retroactive payment is made.

Article 12 - The scholarship of the scholarship holder who does not submit his/her documents until the end of November of the relevant academic year and/or cannot be contacted is canceled.

Article 13 - Scholarship payments are suspended for scholarship recipients whose normal education period ends or whose grade point average falls below the level required by the Regulation or whose relationship with the student is terminated in any way.

Other Provisions

Article 14 - This Regulation is valid as of August 1, 2015 and TÜRKKAD Istanbul reserves the authority to dispose of all matters within the scope of this Regulation.

Article 15 - The Scholarship Commission is authorized to clarify issues not covered in this Regulation regarding the granting, continuation and termination of scholarships.