The TurkishWomen's Cultural Associationwas founded in 1966 by a group of women led by the great mystic and writer Sâmiha Ayverdi. These ladies made great efforts to bring out the common values that Turkey had forgotten, and by helping people living in poverty, they directed the energy of greatness and beauty that they had harbored within themselves but were not aware of, to those in need and tried to help them become happy people. Each of them has grown as a trainer in their own right to spread the peace of mind brought about by the change they have experienced. They also received material and spiritual education at Kubbealtı, the biggest academy of the period, and were trained with a broad perspective on various subjects ranging from politics to finance, from mysticism to the truths of the Qur'an, and they lived what they learned there.

Upon the letter of the Ministry of Interior dated 19.06.1973 and numbered (A) U-54/146345, Law No. 53 of Law No. 1630 dated 22.11.1972 was amended. With the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 28.06.1973, "Turkish" was added to the name of the association and it was renamed the Turkish Women's Cultural Association, becoming the first non-governmental organization representing Turkish Women.

In the words of Sâmiha Ayverdi:
"The woman is the responsible person who gives offspring and gathers and unites the whole family together with her offspring in a system of customs and traditions, the secret force that holds the clues of the harmony of society and fills the concept of family with honeycomb."

"As long as the man, who is born free, cannot free himself from the command of the internal forces hidden and present in him, and as long as he cannot master and control his human faculties, whether he is a man of science, art, technique or statesmanship, he is a bomb with an unpredictable surprise that will explode when and how it will explode; he is a poor prisoner who, while doing good at one moment, will not hesitate to do evil at the slightest provocation. In this case, it is the man who has become the master of himself that has made the world prosperous, and it is the man who is free in matter and enslaved in spirit that has made it vîrân. The greatest danger to the world is this unaware crowd, which, like loose mines, is unpredictable."
Today, our services continue with the approach expressed here. 

President of the Turkish Women's Cultural Association: Emine Bağlı
Address: Fevzi Çakmak Sokak No.17/2 06640 Kızılay
Tel: +90 (312) 229 94 55
Fax: +90 (312) 230 08 36
Website: https: //
President of Isparta Branch: Serap Özkahraman
Address Istiklal Mah. Namik Kemal Cad. Ugur Apt. Kat:3/7
Tel: +90 246 232 1894

Konya Branch President: Saadet Ermumcu
Address Alavardı Mah. Seçen Sok. Gülkaya Sit. ABlok No:3/2
Tel: +90 332 323 57 62

Gaziantep Branch President: Nüket Ilgın
Address: Ataturk Mah.Disburg Bul. Street 01087. Gozde apt. No:3 Şehitkamil
Tel: +90 342 341 84 40

President of Kütahya Branch: Nurdan Türkkan
Address Fatih Sultan Mehmet Blv. Şahika Apt. Block B Ground Floor D: 1
Tel: +90 274 224 34 14
Fax: +90 274 224 34 14

Manisa Branch President: Sevilay Altan
Address: 1. Anafartalar Mahallesi Konuk Cad. Yeni Vakıf İşhanı No.6/69
Tel: +90 236 235 07 12
Fax: +90 236 235 07 12

Adana Branch President: Nazire Nil Hastürk
Address Toros Mah. Ali Sepici Bulvarı No:57 Borabey Apt. K:1 Apartment:1 Çukurova/ADANA
Association Member Gönen Özütüm
Tel: +90 533 225 98 06

President of Antalya Branch: Tulin Machan
Address Elmali mah. 7. sok Zaman işhanı No: 18/ 601 Muratpaşa/ANTALYA Tulin Machan Tel: +90 533 399 31 81

Bursa Branch President: Aylin UYAR
Nilüfer Municipality Associations Campus Konak, Seçkin Sk. 23/1, 16110 Nilüfer/Bursa
Tel: +90 532 622 74 81

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