“USTAM and ME” – Painting Exhibition for the Benefit of Scholarship Students

Women and Sufism Symposium in Memory of Meşkûre Sargut
10 February 2018
14th “Friend” Awards for Service to Islam
3 December 2017

The Istanbul Branch of TÜRKKAD - Turkish Women's Cultural Association, which was founded in 1966 and is one of the public benefit associations, has been providing scholarships, especially to university students, for many years.

In order to maintain these scholarships, many organizations are organized and the proceeds of these organizations are transferred to the TÜRKKAD Education Scholarships Fund.

Within the scope of these organizations, we hosted Javad Soleimanpour and Lütfiye Batum, two esteemed artists who donated their works for the benefit of our educational scholarships, for the first time on 22-28 September 2012 at the Palace Collections Museum with the support of the General Secretariat of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (National Palaces). "A Master and an Apprentice" an exhibition was organized under the title. Thanks to our sensitive scholarship supporters, all the artworks were sold within a day, thus contributing to the university education of many young people.

This year, the second exhibition of the same artists is at TIEM - Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art, "My Master and I" will be opened between January 17-25, 2018.

The opening ceremony will be held by Cemâlnur Sargut, President of TÜRKKAD Istanbul Branch, on Saturday, January 20 at 14:00, and a total of 106 works of our two artists will be presented to the attention of our valuable supporters.

Exhibition Duration: January 17-25, 2018
Opening Ceremony Saturday, January 20, hour: 14:00
Location: TIEM - Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art, At Meydanı Sok. No: 46 Ibrahim Pasha Palace, Sultanahmet ISTANBUL

He was born in 1965 in Tabriz. He worked as a consultant at Tabriz University of Fine Arts. He successfully completed his first exhibition in 1978. He worked on copies of world-famous paintings at the Saadabat Palace Museum. In 1993, he won first prize in an international competition. In 2009, the artist won the first prize among 11 thousand works of art in the pastel painting exhibition organized by the American Pastel Journal and achieved great success in his painting career. Since 1997, Iranian artist Javad Soleimanpour has been in Turkey and continues to work and teach in his studio in Kadıköy.

"Everywhere I looked, I saw colors... So much so that even when I closed my eyes, I found myself among the paintings. I was always studying nature... Flowers, trees...

I was interested in all kinds of colors and light. I would be very happy to see the light, the shadow, the harmony between colors and objects.

I always wanted to paint. Everything and everyone I love...

When people were talking, I would not listen to them, I would study their faces. The indentations, the protrusions, the shadows...

Time stopped for me when I painted...

To always experience the same intensity of emotion and the fact that all the problems that need to be solved in each painting are as natural a process for me as breathing and breathing... I think that the connection between the viewer and the painting in my paintings stems from the fact that I act entirely from my inner feelings and the voice of my heart."

This is how Javad Soleimanpour explains the introduction of painting into his life.

Soleimanpour has created two special portraits of Atatürk at the request of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and has successfully completed a series of portraits of all past presidents of the Republic of Turkey using the oil painting technique. Today, these artifacts are exhibited at the Presidential Complex.
Born in Çorum in 1949, Lütfiye Batum lived in various cities in Anatolia due to the duty of her husband, whom she married in 1966. In 1969, she established a machine embroidery workshop in Kayseri and trained many students.

In 1976, he settled in Istanbul and worked in the workshops of very valuable teachers in different branches. During these years, she also received 5 years of basic art education in painting.

In 2006, the artist started pastel painting in Javad Soleimanpour's workshop and still continues to work in this workshop.

The artist, who participated in a total of 15 group exhibitions, held two exhibitions with his master Javad Soleimanpour, "A Master, An Apprentice" at the National Palaces Museum in 2012 and "My Master and Me" at the Museum of Islamic Art in 2018. The artist is married and has two daughters.

Cemalnur Sargut Exhibition Invitation