TÜRKKAD, 5. The Only NGO at the Thematic and Topic Coordinator Level of the World Water Forum

“Modern Age and Ibn ‘Arabi” International Symposium
23 May 2008
4th “Friend” Awards for Service to Islam
18 March 2008

TÜRKKAD, 5. It became the only Civil Society Organization at the Thematic and Topic Coordinator Level of the World Water Forum.

TÜRKKAD, organized in Istanbul on March 16-22, 2009 5th World Water Forum, 5th World Water Forum General Secretariat and the World Water Council 6. She was selected as one of the two co-coordinators of the theme. TÜRKKAD has carried out this task with the co-coordination of UNESCO-IHP (International Hydrology Program).

The 5th World Water Forum is structured under 6 main themes. A total of 11 thematic and 48 topic coordinators served in the Forum. Our organization 5. It was the only Civil Society Organization to take part in the World Water Forum at the thematic level.
5th World Water Forum Thematic Process Topics
Theme1: Global Changes and Risk Management,
Theme 2: Human Development and Millennium Development Goals
Theme 3: Protection and management of water resources, taking into account human and environmental needs,
Theme 4: Administration and Management
Theme5: Finance
Theme 6: Training, Knowledge and Capacity Building
As every water-related issue is a subject of training, knowledge and capacity building, the 6th theme is the most voluminous theme of the forum in terms of content. Other thematic coordinators within the Forum are mainly UN agencies and international organizations, with the exception of DSI from Turkey. More than 100 sessions were held under the headings of the identified themes.
Under Theme 6, there are five main topics, namely training, knowledge and capacity building, building knowledge networks, water science and technologies, data sharing/data access and culture. 5 under this theme. The "Water and Culture" title, which ranked next, was carried out with the coordination of TÜRKKAD and İSKİ.
In the sessions under this heading, the main factors that play a role in the formation of different water cultures in order to produce water policies for the future, and the common need for water to play a unifying role between societies and cultures were discussed at the international level. In addition, with an original session, the water civilization of our country dating back 4000 years was introduced with the contributions of the exhibitions we organized within the framework of the forum.


What is the role of Theme Coordinators?
Theme Coordinators are responsible for creating the main topics under their themes, monitoring the content developed under the topics, developing and coordinating the content in accordance with the main purpose of the theme. The second layer of the forum structure is the political process. This process was managed by the relevant delegation of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the host country on behalf of the Forum. Theme coordinators are responsible for reflecting their theme content in the political process. Within the scope of this process, meetings were held in September 2008-Paris, December 2008-Geneva, January 2009-Rome and the preparatory process was completed with the meeting held in Paris in the first week of March. At the meetings, the official delegation of the countries participating in the forum is represented by a limited number of participants, including theme coordinators, coordinators of the forum's regional process and core group representatives. Carried out under the co-coordination of UNESCO-IHP (International Hydrology Programme) The theme was represented by TÜRKKAD in the political process.
"Architectural Journey of Water" exhibitions on Mimar Sinan Kırkçeşme Waterway
In addition to its effective work in the Thematic and Political process, TÜRKKAD has made important efforts to promote and own the forum to the public.
For this purpose, exhibition projects promoting the water culture and civilization of our country have been realized since the preparation process started in 2008.
"Architectural Journey of Water" Exhibitions:
Istanbul, Hagia Sophia Museum - March 15-30, 2008 - TÜRKKAD Istanbul - The Exhibition at Hagia Sophia was supported by Taş Yapı Energy Group and Nefes Publishing Inc.
Istanbul, Harbiye Military Museum - March 21-22, 2008 - TÜRKKAD Istanbul - World Water Day
Istanbul, Mimar Sinan Univ. - April 8-18, 2008 - TÜRKKAD Istanbul
Istanbul, Dokuz Eylul Univ. - June 26-27, 2008 - TÜRKKAD Istanbul, DSİ - Historical Water Structures Symposium at DSİ regional process meetings (Regional Process)
Istanbul, Haliç Congress Center - March 16-22, 2009 - TÜRKKAD Istanbul, İSKİ - 5. World Water Forum