“Modern Age and Ibn ‘Arabi” International Symposium

“Love for the Ahl al-Bayt in the Ottoman Empire” Exhibition
27 August 2008
TÜRKKAD, 5. The Only NGO at the Thematic and Topic Coordinator Level of the World Water Forum
22 March 2008

May 23-24-25, 2008 - Istanbul
May 26, 2008 - Damascus, Syria

Today's people are rapidly losing touch with spiritual pleasures and sacred values, and in the chaos of the materialistic world, they find themselves in a state of deep emotional deprivation, distancing themselves from a sense of true fulfillment and happiness.

The excessive worldliness experienced in the name of modernization has resulted in human beings focusing on things, and has led them to make things, which should be perceived as a means, their ends. It has established its relations with itself and the "other" it perceives outside of itself in line with this misguided purpose. As a result, the individual's interaction with society and nature has become self-centered.

The main thing that the teaching represented by Ibn 'Arabī will bring to today's man is that it will save him from the dilemmas of the modern world and lead him to true happiness by making him aware of the Merciful breath that surrounds him and the whole being.

In order to evaluate all these issues, the International Symposium on "The Modern Age and Ibn 'Arabī" was held for three days in Istanbul and two days in Damascus with the participation of twenty-two scholars from nine countries who are considered authorities on the subject.

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