“Illuminated by the Sun” – International Hz. Shams Symposium

6th “Friend” Awards for Service to Islam
27 February 2010
5th “Friend” Awards for Service to Islam
7 March 2009
TÜRKKAD Istanbul Branch between December 11-16, 2009, for the first time in Turkey, Hz. He organized a symposium on Shams. This symposium, titled "Enlightened by the Sun", invited 25 scholars and experts from four different countries who are recognized as authorities on the subject. The symposium lasted a total of seven days, three days in Istanbul and four days in Konya.
It was aimed to ensure that Shams al-Tabrīzī, the teacher of the great Islamic thinker Mevlânâ Celâleddin Rûmî, who is studied with great respect and sensitivity all over the world and whose unifying perspective is tried to be benefited from, is known and understood by a wider audience in Turkey, which has been honored with his presence for many years.
"Illuminated by the Sun" - International Hz. The Istanbul program of the Shams Symposium was organized with the support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Nefes Publications Inc. and with the official transportation sponsorship of Turkish Airlines. The Konya program was organized jointly by TÜRKKAD Istanbul and Konya Metropolitan Municipality.
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Hz. Shams Symposium Istanbul | Video Album

Hz. Shams Symposium Konya | Video Album