6th “Friend” Awards for Service to Islam

Ken’an Rifâî Chair of Islamic Studies at Peking University
19 August 2010
“Illuminated by the Sun” – International Hz. Shams Symposium
11 December 2009

On the night of the 2010 "Friends" Awards for Service to Islam, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was honored. 1439th anniversary of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) On the occasion of this year, the topic of "The Truth of the Kaaba" was discussed.

2010 "Dost" Service to Islam Awards for his book "The Attributes of Divine Perfection" Ahmed Moustafa and with his book "Harameyn from Jahiliyya to the end of the Umayyads" Mustafa Sabri Kucukashci was given to

On February 27, 2010, at the Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall, Necmettin Şahinler was presented with a "Special Appreciation Award" for his books "The Man Who Talks to the Kaaba" and "The Black Covered House".
Opening speeches were made by Vahdet Tulun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cenan Education, Culture and Health Foundation, and Prof. Dr. Ali Bardakoğlu, President of Religious Affairs, and Prof. Dr. Süleyman Uludağ also delivered a speech.
The program ended with a concert by La Edri.