Meeting of Turkish and Balkan Women Civil Society Organizations

3rd “Friend” Awards for Service to Islam
31 March 2007
“We are a Family, We are Turkey” Panel
18 June 2006
The meeting, which took place on 22-23 February 2007, aimed to establish a preliminary study and networking among women's civil society organizations in the Balkans in order to cooperate and implement joint projects on the following topics

- Projects targeting women's economic and social empowerment by supporting girls' education and enabling women (especially poor and uneducated women) to acquire vocational training and production skills and to access counseling support in specialized areas

- Women can find an environment where they can discuss their own problems and women can work together to formulate policies for their own problems

- Strengthening the identity of women who are at peace with themselves and society

- Explore funding and establish joint projects in the Balkans to contribute to peace, freedom and prosperity in the region through the education of women

- Identifying joint projects as a result of the guidance of the speeches of the incoming delegates and continuing to work in this direction.

On the occasion of International Women's Day on March 8, a declaration titled "LET'S SUPPORT WOMEN VICTIMS OF WAR" was prepared within the program and sent to associations in Turkey and abroad.
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