9th “Friends” Awards for Service to Islam

‘A Great Teacher: Samiha Ayverdi’ Panel
14 December 2013
Hacı Bayram-ı Veli Symposium
14 December 2012

The Prophet of Islam who loved without discrimination of language, religion, sect, color, race, gender Hz. Muhammad (s.a.s.)CENAN Education, Culture and Health Foundation, TÜRKKAD Turkish Women's Cultural Association and ALTAY Cultureand Art Education Foundation, which have been blessed with the favor of organizing the ninth presentation of the "DOST" Service to Islam Awards on the occasion of the 1442ndanniversary of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), wish to feel the pleasure of this special night together with the wish to "live" the understanding of tawheed, which means belief in the Lord of the Worlds.

Hz. The ninth edition of the "Dost" Service to Islam Awards night, which is organized every year on the occasion of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.) during the week of Mawlid Qandil, was held this year under the title of "Çihâr Yâr-ı Güzîn - Four Caliphs " on Saturday , January 26, 2013 at the Harbiye Hall of the Istanbul Congress Centerduring the week of Mawlid Qandil.

2013 DOST Award winners from Turkey are Hz. Prof. Dr. Yasar Kandemir, who has written many works on the Prophet (pbuh), and Prof. Asma Afsaruddin from abroad through her book "First Muslims".


- Ode - Bilal Demiryürek
- Screening of a short film on the Four Caliphs
- Nat'ı Çıhâr-ı Yâr-ı Güzîn / readers: Solmazgul Tükek (6.5 years), Zeynep Aysel (5.5 years), Elifnaz Arslan (5.5 years), Cenan Gencer (5.5 years), Gülüm İnci (7.5 years), Cemre Tükek (5 years), Nazlı Tükek (5 years), Berrenaz Doğan (5.5 years)
- Opening Speech on behalf of Foundations
- Ode
- Opening speech of the President of Religious Affairs, the Honorable Prof. Dr. Mehmet GÖRMEZ
- Prof. Dr. Mustafa Fayda's speech on "The Four Caliphs"
- Award presentations
1. Presentation of the Friend Award to Prof. Dr. Yaşar Kandemir from Turkey
2. Presentation of the Friend Award to Prof. Asma Afsaruddin from abroad for her book "First Muslims"
- Ode


- L'EDRÎ concert

He was born in 1939 in the village of İnceçayır in Yozgat. He attended primary school in his village and Imam-Hatip School in Yozgat. He graduated from Istanbul Higher Islamic Institute in 1964. After teaching at Sivas Imam-Hatip School for three years, he became a hadith assistant at Istanbul Higher Islamic Institute (1967). He completed his thesis titled Mevzû Hadiths (1970). In the same year, he was appointed to Kayseri Higher Islamic Institute. After teaching here for two years, he enlisted in the army and served as a reserve officer in the frontier company in the Lalapaşa district of Edirne. Then Ist. He was appointed to the Higher Islamic Institute (1974). He completed his doctorate on Qāḍī Iyāz and Bugyet al-rāid fī mā fī hadīsi Ummi Zar' mine al-fawāid at the Department of Oriental Languages, Faculty of Literature, IU (1977). In 1982, he was appointed assistant professor, in 1987 associate professor and in 1991 professor at the Faculty of Theology. He retired in 1999.

Department of Near Eastern Languages & Cultures, Indiana University, Goodbody Hall 219, 1011 East Third St., Bloomington, IN 47405

E-Mail: aafsarud@indiana.edu Ph: (812) 856-7347

Ph.D., 1993 Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland
Field of specialization: Islamic studies, Arabic language and literature
M.A., 1985 Johns Hopkins University in above field
A.B., 1982 Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio


Pre-modern and modern Islamic religious and political thought; Qur'an and hadith; Islamic intellectual history; contemporary Islamic movements; gender issues


Chairperson, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Indiana University, Bloomington, July 1st, 2011-
Professor of Islamic Studies, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Indiana University, Bloomington, August 2009 -
Adjunct Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington, April 2010 -
Associate Professor, Arabic and Islamic Studies, Department of Classics, University of Notre Dame, August 2003 - 2009
Fellow, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame. 2000-2009.
Assistant Professor, Arabic and Islamic studies, Department of Classics, University of Notre Dame, August 1996 - 2003
Lecturer on Arabic, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University, July 1993 - July 1996


Editor of volume of essays entitled Islam, the State, and Political Authority: Medieval Issues and Modern Concerns. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
The First Muslims: History and Memory. Oxford: OneWorld Publications, 2008
Reviewed in The Washington Post, The Times Higher Education Supplement; the Guardian, Past and Present, Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, Choice, International Journal of Middle East Studies, Speculum
Excellence and Precedence: Medieval Islamic Discourse on Legitimate Leadership. Islamic History and Civilization: Studies and Texts series, vol. 36. Eds. Wadad Kadi and Rotraud Wielandt. Leiden: E.J. Brill, 2002
Reviewed in the Times Literary Supplement; Speculum; Middle East Studies Association Bulletin; al-Qantara; Journal of the American Oriental Society; Arabica; American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences; H-Net Review
Editor of Hermeneutics and Honor: Negotiating Female Public Space in Islamic/ate Societies. Middle East Monograph series. Cambridge, Mass: Center for Middle East Studies, Harvard University, 1999

Co-editor (with A. H. Mathias Zahniser) of Humanism, Culture, and Language in the Near East: Essays in Honor of Georg Krotkoff. Winona Lake, Ind: Eisenbrauns, 1997