11th “Friends” Awards for Service to Islam

“Islam and Chinese Civilization” International Symposium
2 April 2015
“Near in the Far” International Hz. Üftade Symposium
18 April 2014
The Prophet of Islam, who loved without discrimination of language, religion, sect, color, race or gender. 1444th anniversary of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) On the occasion of this year, the 11th "DOST" Service to Islam Awards presentation night was held on Saturday, January 3, 2015, the day after the Mawlid Qurban, jointly organized by TÜRKKAD, KERİM Foundation and ALTAY Foundation with the sponsorship of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Nefes Publishing A.Ş., Tuti Kitap and Yaratıcı Filmler LTD.
The theme of this year's award night, which is organized with a different theme every year, was "HİCRET" .

Saturday, January 3, 2015
Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall
The Award Ceremony started at 19:00.



Terkib to Dervishism
Readers: Gülnur Yargan (age 5.5), Kenan Özada (age 6), Ali Ömürlü (age 5), Berre Demirci (age 7), Ali Emre Yargan (age 7)
Opening Speech on behalf of Foundations
Opening speech on behalf of the Presidency of Religious Affairs
'Hijrah with its Causes and Consequences'
Assoc. Dr. Casim Avcı
Presentation of Service to Islam Awards
- Prof . Dr. İsmail Kara "Friend Award" was presented to him on the occasion of the profound approach and original interpretation that his studies and works have added to the current discussions on Islam, the light he sheds on the memory of the past and the impact his works have created by being reference works that will ensure the transfer of these values to future generations, his studies on our fundamental issues such as Islamism and Islam that emerged from the issues of Islamism and modernization in Turkey, and the comprehensive and permanent values he has added to our life of contemplation with his "Khilafat Risaleleri" publications.
- Prof. Tayeeb Chouiref was presented the "Friend Award" on the occasion of his book "Spiritual Teachings of the Prophet".

30 minute break


LÂ EDRÎ Group Sufi Music Concert

He was born in 1955 in Rize Güneyce. After attending primary school in his village, he became a hafiz alongside his father, who was known as Kutuz Hoca in the region. In 1973, he graduated from Istanbul Imam-Hatip School and Rize High School by taking different courses. He graduated from Istanbul Higher Islamic Institute in 1977 and from IU Faculty of Literature, Department of History in 1986. After studying at the Higher Islamic Institute, he started working at Dergâh Publications, where he was a member of the editorial board of the journal Fikir ve Sanatta Hareket (Movement in Ideas and Arts), the Encyclopedia of Turkish Language and Literature, the Encyclopedia of Islamic Knowledge and the magazine "Dergâh", and served as editor and editorial director. Between 1980 and 1995, she worked as a contracted Religious Education teacher at the private Sainte Pulcherie French Girls' Secondary School. He completed his master's degree in political science at IU Institute of Social Sciences in 1987. In 1993, he completed his doctoral dissertation titled "According to Islamists, the Constitutional Monarchy Administration (1908-1914)" in the same Institute, also in the field of political science. In 1995, he was appointed as a lecturer at Marmara  University Faculty of Theology. In 2000, he became an associate professor of History of Turkish-Islamic Thought and in 2006 he became a professor of Islamic Philosophy. He is currently a faculty member at Marmara University, Faculty of Theology, Department of Islamic Philosophy. His field of study is contemporary Turkish thought and contemporary Islamic thought. His research on the history of Ottoman-Turkish thought, religion-modernization and religion-politics relations have been published in the journals Hareket, Dergâh, Tarih ve Toplum, Toplum ve Bilim, İslam Araştırmaları Dergisi, Marmara University Faculty of Theology Journal, Kutadgubilig, İslamiyat.

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Preparation for publication:
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Tayeb CHOUIREF was born and raised in France in 1972 to an Algerian family. He received his Master's degree in Philosophy from the University of Lille (France) in 1999. The title of his thesis is "The Role of Qiyas in the Search for Truth in al-Ghazali's Writings".
In 2012, he received his PhD in Islamology from the University of Strasbourg. His thesis was entitled "The Role of Sufism and Hadith in early Ottoman Egypt from the works of Abd al-Rauf al-Munawi (d. 1622)". Since then, his research interests have been concerned with different aspects of Islamic Sufi literature from the early Islamic period to the present day.
He was an associate professor of Arabic Language and Civilization at Charles de Gaulle University of Lille (France). He is currently a professor of Hadith Studies and Arabic Language at the Shatib Institute of Roubaix (France).

He is a writer and speaker specializing in Islamic Sufism and Awliya. His books include translations and presentations of many books by Al-Ghazali and Ibn Arabi. There is also an annotated anthology, Spiritual Teachings of the Prophet, Fons Vitae, 2012.
- Lire et Comprendre le Coran, Al-Ghazâlî (Reading and Understanding the Qur'an, 2014)
- Spiritual Teachings of the Prophet, 2012
- Lettres sur le Prophète, et autres lettres sur la voie spirituelle (Writings on the Prophet, and other writings on the spiritual path, 2010)
- Les Enseignements spirituels du Prophète (Spiritual Teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, 2008)
- Le Mahdi et ses Conseillers, Ibn 'Arabi (The Mahdi and His Helpers, 2006)
- Le Livre de la patience, Al-Ghazâlî (The Book of Patience, 2002)
- Le Livre de la science, Al-Ghazâlî (The Book of Science, 2001)

Personal website: http://www.tayeb-chouiref.net

Ismail Kara

Tayeeb Chouiref

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